Letra de Far Away From You

Letras de Chicane

"Far Away From You"

You say I'm falling down
I know
That I can't stop you crying
If you fall,if you love

The same old felling is back
You know
I always see you coming
Do you fell same again?

But I can see you watching me
and saying there's no chance that we
will rise again and fall no more

You fell it in the air

Because I will never be lost without you now
Remember where you found me
I was cold and daft arround me

But then I will always be far away from you
Tomorrow fells uneasy
and I wind up at the start once again

The felling can't go on

Though I say

Nothing really happened
and nothing is wrong

I fell restless,empty...

Now I know

Sometimes ther's no answer
and sometimes we're wrong