Dance Of Days

Letra de LastKissMissed

Letras de Dance Of Days


You told me, darling, you're so great
But I just can't... Just can't control myself
It's stronger than me, I need to jump this plane
Jump the planes we've made, sorry
How can I jump too, if you don't leave me parachutes?
I thought about not leaving this room
I told myself I would not again...
How could I not have noted it before? Was I that far from you these days?
I saw you going, going small to the ground
I asked "why can't I jump with you again?"
Now you're so close to me, but so out of my touch
If I could just make the days come back...
I went to your house and there was no one there
Have you left town or have we just changed?
I saw your face, you weren't there
I stepped back and ran away...
I woke up this morning missing a part of me
Even the corn flakes don't taste the same today
I've got my headphones and my preffered black flag tape
I'm gonna bike to the sun 'till I can't stand awake...