Celia Cruz

Letra de La Dicha Mia

Letras de Celia Cruz

"La Dicha Mia"

Lucky me, to perform in Havana
And there, I became a singer of songs
They led me to the great Mamboleros
In all of Cuba, the toast of the town

Singing at the Tropicana
My fantasies finally came true
Imagine, going to New York
Seeing the great ones, in my heart untold

We saw Arsenio with his singing band
And Señor Rodríguez, that magical man
I took this earthquake to El Barrio,
That hot and is from mi gente

Lucky me, I saw my Tito
Ay Dios Mío, El Excelente
Listening to my Machito, dancing, drinking vino
Machito was for us El camp si Latino

He made it up in paleiru
It didn't disappoint our
At the ball, with Tito Puento
Tito Puento the king of them all

With Tito Puente, you'd be so glad to dance
El rey Tito Puente, ... at a glance
When Tito finished playing
How could anything feel so low

Surprise came Tito Rodríguez
With his conjunto, to top it all
Bere to Tito, that only one
bere for dancing a one song for song

El Señor Me Dio La Dicha de grabar
Con Tito Puente Y Cantar Con Tito Rodríguez
(Esa Dicha Me La Dio El Señor)
Ven A Gozar Con La Dicha, A Gozar Con La Dicha
(Esa Dicha Me La Dio El Señor)
(Esa Dicha Me La Dio El Señor)
Ay Yo Le Canto a Yemaya a Oshun y a Obatala
(Esa Dicha Me La Dio El Señor)
Y Al Que Dios Se Lo Dio San Pedro Se Lo Bendiga