Jon Secada

Letra de Its Over

Letras de Jon Secada

"Its Over"

Goodbye my love, I know it's late
Within these walls, I contemplate
Do you remember how we met
There is so much I can't forget
Girl you're inside of me now
Forever a part of me now

Even though we said goodbye
I can't believe it's over
Look into my eyes
And tell me that it's really over
Say we try it again
A leap of faith is just a chance
Not to give up
Not to give in
Though we say it's over

We got the hearts to compromise
This is our time to realize it
There is no other way around this
We could be crazy, could be wrong
So what if we seize the moment
Forever is ours to take it


Good bye my love, my only love
I know you feel we've had enough
But I got a right to make believe
That you're the only one for me
Don't know how else to say it
Before you walk away love