Jon Secada

Letra de Free

Letras de Jon Secada


I'm hooked on this feeling
On needing you so
Got my heart believing
Without you I couldn't go on

If this were the last time
We had to do this
I would to do anything
Just to make it on my own

I wanna be free
But there's someone else
She's got me fallen
Wherever I go
She's all I see
Don't wanna give in
I wanna be free

Wake up in the morning
She's right there on my mind
It's the strangest of feelings
Wouldn't change it even if I tried
I can't imagine what it would be like
Girl if you set me free
From the hold you've got on me


In the shelter of your arms
I get lost inside your eyes
No matter what I do
I can't break away from you
The love that's in my heart
Belongs to you