Jon Secada

Letra de Bring on the Sun

Letras de Jon Secada

"Bring on the Sun"

There's a reason
For daylight
There's a star that shines
For the world in you, the one
Who wants to believe?

In a new day
What do you say?
There's no room no need to compromise
There's an open ended dream ready and waiting on the inside

When the heart is strong
And the morning comes and your spirits free
To take on tomorrow
Do you see yourself, beyond that place
Where you know you started from
Bring on the sun
Bring on the sun

Take a lifetime to remember
Take a minute to forget
Like the eyes of a child rejoices, love lifts them away

In the presence
Of our innocence
Was the truth or who do you follow
Where's the shelter when you feel
Scared and alone in your sorrow


Find your voice to say
It's all in what you got inside
Leave nothing to hide
Everything will be alright

There's an open-ended dream ready and waiting from the inside