Letra de In A Little While

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"In A Little While"

In a little while - surely you'll be mine 
 In a little while I'll be there 
 In a little while this hurt will hurt no more 
 I'll be home, love
 When the night takes a deep breath 
 And the daylight has no air 
 If I crawl - if I come crawling home 
 Will you be there? 
 In a little while - I won't be blown by every breeze 
 Friday night running to Sunday on my knees 
 That girl, that girl - she's mine 
 And I've know her since 
 Since she was a little girl with Spanish eyes 
 When I saw her in a pram they pushed her by 
 My, how you've grown 
 Well it's been - it's been a little while 
 Slow down, my beating heart 
 A man dreams one day to fly 
 A man takes a rocket ship into the skies 
 He lives on a star that's dying in the night 
 And follows in the trail the scatter of light 
 Turn it on - turn it on 
 You turn me on 
 Slow down, my beating heart 
 Slowly, slowly love