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Letra de Detroit City

Letras de Tom Jones

"Detroit City"

Detroit cityartist: tom jones (peak billboard position # 27 in 1967)previously a # 16 hit for bobby barewords and music by danny dill and mel tillislast night i went to sleep in detroit cityi dreamed about them cotton fields of homei dreamed about my mother, dear old pappy, sister and brotherand i dreamed about the girl who's been waitin' for so longi wanna go homei wanna go homeoh, how i wanna go homehome folks think i'm big in detroit cityfrom the letters that i write they think i'm just fine, yes they dobut by day i make the cars and by night i make the barsif only they could read between the linesspoken [ ‘cause you know i rode a freight train north to detroit cityand after all these years i find i've just been wastin' my timeyou know what i'm gonna do? i'm gonna take my foolish prideget it on a southbound freight and let it ridei'm gonna go back to the loved onesthe ones i left waiting so far behind]i wanna go home, yeahi wanna go homeoh, how i wanna go home [can't you hear me?]i wanna go homewhoa, baby i wanna go homeoh, how i wanna go home [somebody help me]i wanna go home, yeahi wanna go home, whoa ohoh, how i wanna go homefade hmm, i wanna go hometranscribed by