Tom Jones

Letra de The Things That Matter Most To Me

Letras de Tom Jones

"The Things That Matter Most To Me"

Yes there are many precious mem'ries that I'd like to recall
And there are some things that I would surely like to forget
I've been up Lord I've been down and sometimes just in between
But you know something neighbors I haven't reached to my highest mountain yet
Yes I know Gods bless me time and time and time and time again
And these blessings for exceeding my deepest woe
I've had the help of loved ones and many friends who stood by me
And without their favor I would have given up a long long time ago
I remember my boyhood days back in Faraday Louisiana
The long hot summer and that cool Louisiana rain
You know sometimes I wish I could go back and relive yesterday
Oh Lord and for a while be mama's little boy again
You know folks the things that matter most in this old world money just can't buy
Sweet love precious mem'ries that will live on and on and on
And I remember Lord when I stumble sometimes fall I wonder why
Then I'll then I'll never never never walk alone
Yes these are the things that matter most to me
Precious mem'ries from your friend Jerry Lee