The Hollies

Letra de To Do With Love

Letras de The Hollies

"To Do With Love"

Next time I meet a girl, I won't ask her her name
Or where she's been, or where she came from
The last time I found love it only brought me pain
The problems almost took me over
I was washing up for mother, I was lighting pipes for papa
And fetching water
And that's got nothing at all, that's got nothing at all
To do with love
Next time I meet a girl
I won't tell her my name
Or where I've been
Or where I came from
I'll take a hold of her
And love her just the same
No need to mention past acquaintances
I just want someone to love me
And someone to like the presents
That I bought her
'Cause that's got something to do
Yes, that's got something to do
To do with love
Each girl I meet comes up wronger
And I can't take it all much longer
No, I can't no
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