The Hollies

Letra de Amnesty

Letras de The Hollies


She walked into the room just like a dream
I was spellbound into silence
Do you know the way it feels
The rock'n'roll changed to a symphony
Appearing just like magic
But I knew that she was real
Then something deep inside of me
Said go ahead and try
Ain't no use in holdin back
Don't kiss the chance goodbye
Hello to romance
Is it goodbye to those one night stands
Where you get what you want
Such a crazy steal
Hello to romance
Hello to romance
I walked across the room to say hello
She raised her head and smiled at me
I knew which way to go
Once she spoke sweet music filled my ears
For hours and hours and hours we talked
Time seemed to disappear
[Verse 2]
When you see the chance to win romance
Act before it slips away
Don't wait until tomorrow
To hear yourself say
I should've done it yesterday
Should've done it yesterday
[Verse 2]