Pink Floyd

Letra de Mathilde mother

Letras de Pink Floyd

"Mathilde mother"

There was a king who ruled the land. 
his majesty was in command. 
with silver eyes the scarlet eagle 
showers silver on the people. 
oh mother, tell me more. 
Why'd'ya have to leave me there 
hanging in my infant air 
you only have to read the lines 
they're scribbly black and everything shines. 
Across the stream with wooden shoes 
with bells to tell the king the news 
a thousand misty riders climb up 
higher once upon a time. 
Wandering and dreaming 
the words have different meaning. 
yes they did. 
For all the time spent in that room 
the doll's house, darkness, old perfume 
and fairy stories held me high on 
clouds of sunlight floating by. 
oh mother, tell me more 
tell me more.