Letra de Two Tales

Letras de Passenger

"Two Tales"

Light up my lantern, I'll cut you a path
We've walked for hours and it's getting dark
We left the roadside in search of aid
Windscreen shattered and tire marks made

I've never seen someone bleeding like this
Rip off your sleeve and clench your wrist

I light the stove and sit by the hearth
Orangey glow like the wintery dark
We kept her bedroom exactly the same
Winters they followed and summers they came

He bash around, banging down on the floor
I sit alone with an eye on the door
Stop in this clearing, we'll stay here tonight
Press up against me I'll hold you so tight
I got these matches we'll let off some smoke
Maybe they'll see us and maybe they won't
Blanket of leaves hide the lie from the stars
I lie awake listening out for cars

He stares through curtains and talks to the night
I sit and listen for tires on the drive
I keep on waiting and he keep on talking
Just stop him talking, please stop him talking

No, give me silence
Give me silence
Give me silence