Letra de Low Man's Lyric

Letras de Metallica

"Low Man's Lyric"

My eyes seek reality
My fingers seek my veins
Theres a dog at your back step
He must come in from the rain

I fall cause I let go
The net below has rot away
So my eyes seek reality
And my fingers seek my veins

The trash fire is warm
But nowhere safe from the storm
And I can't bare to see
What I've let me be
So wicked and worn

So as I write to you
Of what is done and to do
Maybe you'll understand
And won't cry for this man
'Cause low man is due

Please forgive me

My eyes seek reality
My fingers feel for faith
Touch clean with a dirty hand
I touched the clean to the waste


Please forgive me x3

So low the sky is all I see
All I want from you is forgive me
So you bring this poor dog in from the rain
Though he just wants right back out again

And I cry, to the alley way
Confess all to the rain
But I lie, lie straight to the mirror
The one I've broken, to match my face


Please forgive me x2

So low the sky...

My eyes seek reality
My fingers seek my veins