Letra de Crash

Letras de Aerosmith


(Dum, dum..can't find anything 
 better to drive me crazy)
 Sitting on a castle
 On the floor with Esmeralda
 Waiting for the Geezer
 Captain Crunch to come around
 Feeling suicidal 'cause of certain situations
 Hanging from the stairs too long
 I think I'm coming down
 It's time to Crash
 (Losin' my mind
 losin my mind
 losing my mind
 yeah, it's time to)
 Crash yeah
 Doin' tons of colon blow
 Stuffing it in every hole
 Mile high, so am I
 Watching Jimi kiss the sky
 Salle diner becomes a blur
 With everybody jammin'
 Republicans begin to sin
 The batwings start a slamming
 It's time to crash
 (Losin' my mind
 losin my mind
 losin my mind...yeah, it's time to)
 (Yeah, mabye it's a little late but it's time to)
 You drive me crazy
 You drive me crazy
 You drive me crazy
 Captain Billy Beemish
 Put a lamb up on a rack
 Thanks for coming Billy
 And we hope you're comin' back
 The castle will be waiting
 For the next bangers and mash
 Blanche and Marsha Reznick
 Put their marmack with their hash
 It's time to crash
 Losin' my mind, losin' my mind...