Letra de J. C.

Letras de Mecano

"J. C."

You went by there, I do not know well that I vibrate
inside me and without thinking I was me behind you
The moon in your long hair I help me to continue
your steps along the sidewalk but al to turn the corner
of the bazaar not itself as I lost you In full confusion
listen inside my heart as a voice marking the sign went saying...

You, You and I you and I you and I

As a radar in the sea that the ship to port wants to anchor,
that voice rose from intention or descended if went badly.
Or it went a little better In thousands of moved
I put me for continuing behind you but al final I found the place
and in the middle of the light you were expecting...

You, You and I you and I you and I

Hanging of two sticks and hitched by the feet and by
the hands ask me who could cause
Climbed him for the wood and I set apart of your face the long hair
And I kissed you three broken words they escaped from your lips

You, you and I you and I you and I