Letra de Amanda Diva Skit

Letras de Pitbull

"Amanda Diva Skit"

These words are written in blood, on red and white lines
 Rhymes to the beat of a war drum that cries
 Like mothers whose sons were sent to fight
 And widows whose spouses souls are all that keep them warm at night
 Underneath spacious skies where stars look more like bulletholes
 And the haze of the clouds more like shrouds
 I swear I smell gunsmoke, when I inhale too deep
 Cause cheap lies have caused the loss of priceless lives
 Bush is duckin the truth while the few and the proud dodge landmines
 Niggaz is doin time for gettin caught with a dime
 but he will never be indicted for his crimes against this nation
 Impatient with waiting it's time we fall in line
 and STOP, falling for the lies
 The war ain't only in Iraq
 It's time we fight back, for control of our minds