Letra de Letting off Steam

Letras de Riddim

"Letting off Steam"

De sisters on the corner 
Letting off steam 
De mothers and the fathers 
De unemployed and the workers 
Some of dem a shout murder 
Ina Kingston, Jamaica 
Ina Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Cause when the pressure get hot 
And theres nowhere to go 
Sometimes you got to rock 
Or your fuse will blow 
Cause when the pressure start rise 
And you have a heavy load 
You got to do it dubwise 
Or you just explode 
De doctors and the nurse dem 
Letting off steam 
To stop things getting worse dem 
De driver and de passengers 
De styleheads and de rastas 
Ina Addis Abbaba 
Letting off steam, yes man ! 
All the militant brothers there 
High class ladies 
Even unborn babies