Letra de Having a Word

Letras de Riddim

"Having a Word"

I have learnt that equality 
May not mean freedom, 
And freedom 
May not mean liberation, 
You can vote my friend 
And have no democracy. 
Being together dear neighbour 
May not mean unity, 
Your oppresors may give you chances 
But no opportunities, 
And the state that you are in 
May have its state security 
Yet you may be stateless 
Without protection. 

You my friend do not have to follow your leader, 
The government does not have to govern you, 
Im telling you Mom, you are greater than the law 
If you are just when the law is not. 
You see, once you are aware that new Labour 
Does not care for the old workers 
You may also know that change 
May not mean revolution, 
Once you realise that old conservatives 
Are running out of things to conserve 
You may also know that all politicians suck the same. 
Babylon must burn, 
Burn Babylon, burn. 

Politics is like dis, 
Life is like dis. 
Intelligence may not mean intelligent, 
The news may not be new. 

From where we are 
To be awake 
May not mean 
To be concious.