Peter Tosh

Letra de Glasshouse

Letras de Peter Tosh


If you live in a glasshouse 
Don't throw stones 
And if you can't take blows brother 
Don't throw blows

Harm no man 
Let no man harm you 
Do unto others 
As they would do to you

And to every baldhead 
Respect the Rastaman 
Cause he's the only man left on creation


Cos cos to see I 
Looking so humble 
Would you like to try something 
But your world would a crumble

Caught behind I back 
You lied to grumble 
And before I face 
You always a fumble

You build your world on lies and illusions 
But you never know that 
This is the conclusion

No chance no hope for those 
Who kept it a goin' 
'Cause you never know that 
The truth is showing


I'm on this earth 
To give Jah praise 
And all I ask for 
Is longer days

I come to do the things that are right 
And if you don't like my do it we're gonna fight