Peter Tosh

Letra de Here Comes The Judge

Letras de Peter Tosh

"Here Comes The Judge"

Here Comes the Judge
Hear ye him
God save the African king
Anyone have anything to say before this just judge
Come say it now and say it like you glad not like you mad
For this judge have no mercy
Christopher Columbus
Francis Drake
Bartholomew De Los Casos
Vasco De Gama
Alexander so called the Great
John Hannon
James Grant
David Livingston
John Constantine
Henry Morgan
Marco Polo
Come say after me
I solemly swear
That the evidence I shall give shall be the whole truth
And nothing but the truth
So help me god
You're all brought here on count 1 - robbing and raping Africa
2 Stealing black people out of Africa
3 Brainwashing black people
4 Holding black people in captivity for more than 300 yrs
5 Killing over 50 million black people without a cause
6 Teaching black people to hate themselves
If any of you have anything to say before this execution
Say it quick, say it glad
This judge is getting impatient
Contempt! - no mercy
The penalty for all this
Each of you must be hanged by the tongue
No appeal will be accepted
Court adjourned