Inner Circle

Letra de Talk About

Letras de Inner Circle

"Talk About"

Na na na na
talkin' about you and me yeah
and the games people play
All the games people play now
every nite and every day now
never meanin' what they say yeah
never say what they mean
first you wind away your hours
in your concrete towers
soon you'll be covered up in flowers
in the back of a black limousine
people walkin' up to you
singin' glory hallelujah
then they try to sock it to you
in the name of the lord
Na na talkin' 'bout you 
and me and games people play
Then they teach you how to meditate
read your horoscope and change your fate
and further more to hell with hate
come on and give me some more
Turn around and look what you see
what is happenin' to you and me
god grant me the serenity 
yeah, to remember who i am
first you given up your sanity 
for your pride and your vanity 
turn your back on humanity, yeah
and you don't give a damn