Bob Marley

Letra de Brand New Second Hand

Letras de Bob Marley

"Brand New Second Hand"

Brand new second hand
You're only acting like
You are somebody
But I don't no say
You know nobody
You're only A show off
Your painted face, yeah
But underneath that face
Your just A disgrace
You're just A brand new second hand gal
No man no wan' no
Brand new second hand gal
You better go back around so
You're just A brand new second hand gal
You think it's the dress you wear
That make you A lady
Get that out of your mind gal
You must be crazy
Mama used to tell me
Long time ago yeah
Not everything you see glitter is gold
See you watch them pass I
Well hidy-Tidy
But them no-No say
You very nasty
Look 'pon you footback
Look how them tough, yeah
And you jaw bone favor
Spanishtown handcuff
Dick know 'bout you
And tom do
And harry just 'round the corner
Know 'bout you too
He got A police buk
And take it for fun
He must see no-No say
You judge to gun
... Take man fe idiot
You're just A brand new second hand... You're wicked
Fool ya, you fool ya...