Mac Miller

Letra de The Star Room

Letras de Mac Miller

"The Star Room"

Hallelujah, thank God I have a future
Prayin' I don't waste it gettin' faded
Cause I'm smoking [bleep], till I'm coughin' up tar
Through the surge, energy curve like a lumbar
I don't act hard, I still read Babar
Trippin' out, lookin' at a bunch of Google map stars, shit
They got a app for...that

But me, I'm still trapped inside my head, it kinda feel like it's a purgatory
So polite and white, but I got family who would murder for me
Think I'm living paradise, so would I have to worry 'bout?
Dealing with these demons, feel the pressure, find the perfect style
Making sure my mom and dad are still somewhat in love
All these backfires of my experiments with drugs
And I experience the touch of my epiphany in color form
The difference between love and war inform me -- I'm above the norm
But, give me anybody though, I'll gladly chew his face off, them bath salts
Rhyming like it's summertime on asphalt, hot
Haven't picked a major label, think I'm blackballed
I still don't got the heart to pick my phone up when my dad calls
Will he recognize his son when he hears my voice?
I put this music against my life, I think I fear the choice
And I don't know what I'm running from, but I'm running still
I conversate with acquaintances, but it's nothing real
I'm from a city that you hear and think a bunch of steel
So a hundred mills wouldn't make me sign a fucking deal
Money kills, that's the truth, it's called the root of evil
But I want that Rolls Royce that the homie Lennon drove
So, if you ain't talkin' bout some money I'mma send you home
Unconventional, special but unprofessional
Adolescent expression that's letting me meet these centerfolds
As troubles fill my mind capacity, I let them go
If I was Johnny Depp in Blow, I would let it snow
That's just me all wilding out and being extra dope

And if God was a human it'd be yours truly
Watching horror movies with some foreign groupies
Thinking this decor suits me
I do drugs to get more loopy
I'm in tune to ancient jujitsu spirituals it's blissful
Looking out as far as eyes can see
I'm glad that me and this elevation could finally meet
I think I'm JFK's final speech
They try assassinating all of my beliefs
But I'm asleep so whisper to me for some peace of mind
And he be high some weed to grind on top a Jesus shrine
Twenty thousand on my watch cause I needed time
If y'all would leave me the fuck alone, that'd be divine
Can't decide if you like all the fame
Three years ago to now, it's just not the same
I'm looking my window ashing on the pane
Shit, wonder if I lost my way

Don't you ever wanna hide away
Poseidon triumph in the eyes of rain
Won't give a fuck about tomorrow if I die today
I'll greet the devil with a smilin' face
Shit, that God fellow may reside in space
As, time's a wasting I'm freebasing with Freemasons
My girl's switchin' the locks, the keys keep changin'
Dreamin' of places my own personal creations
If there's a party in heaven I plan to leave wasted
Retracin' my steps way back to biblical times
We-We all gon' end up meetin' at the finishin' line