Mac Miller

Letra de Claymation (feat. Vinny Radio)

Letras de Mac Miller

"Claymation (feat. Vinny Radio)"

Hook: Mac Miller]
Bitches stay hating, this is Claymation
Fucked up, get away, that's a vacation
Want to get paid, who doesn't though?
I'mma be a ghost, take a polaroid picture

[Verse 1: Vinny Radio]
Fresh off a steroid swisher
Pistol at the peephole that's a paranoid nigga
One of a kind though, ain't nobody close to me
Your answers straight over G, I'll bag you like groceries
It's whatever though, whatever cross my mind
Haters got no watch, I ain't got the time
Vinny got more flow than a box of wine
Rare as a copper dime, I got an awkward mind
But it's beautiful, like Russel Crowe
Fire at the fingertips can't extinguish it
Shorty gave me tight head without shrinking it
Coolest kid out, on my Chuck Inglish shit
Mac and Vinny, always get the people loose
Fall back, strike back, just like evil do
The birds prey on us like eagles do
It's like claymation the way they bend and move


[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
Monster and Michael Keaton, and I'm offing you while you sleep
And you talking but it's so cheap, and I'm popular for a reason
I got a pool but it's sharks swimming in the deep end
Don't get much sleep, two minutes and get a dream in
Is all you need, it's crazy
The colony was lost at sea getting wavy
The rawest rapper, baby forehead autographer
On top of Saturn, I'm sending shots from a rocket blaster
Believe me this is where geniuses live
It's Most Dope, we holier than all of Jesus' kids
But we speaking in heathens, and all of these Even Stevens
Who don't need a reason, just want a bitch they can feed with semen
No need for sleeping, Cheeba gon' keep me dreaming, I'm faded
Been in Cali a lil' too long it got me jaded
Hit Japan and I'm instagram camera shy Samurais
Fucking up a Jerm beat, teach you how to vandalize
The bandana Santana tied
The sound amplified screams on Kennywood's Steel Phantom ride
My pockets fat I'm still looking for some pants my size
They over-analyze everything I fantasize
We could have a conversation, we could pantomime
Girl you could come a little closer, put your hand in mine
This life a prison, it's time to set you free
Watching movies in silence describing what I see