Mac Miller

Letra de I Love High School

Letras de Mac Miller

"I Love High School"

Mac Miller
See im nice right now..

That party last night, I dont remember, Im so hungover
We stayed up drinking, twisting an ounce, as the girls come over
Drink my Oe, smoke my bud, sluts know im just trying to fuck
So lets get drunk, until were gone, everybody chug your beer
When the hook come on

I love high school
Ditching class
Getting fucked up
Nutting in the bitch with the thickest ass

[Verse 1:]
I wanna go to dice, for the rest of my life
No not really but it might be nice
Early waking up
Never could I sleep in
Can't remember what I did last weekend
A whole lot of drinking, a whole lot of cheifing
A whole lot of parties, and some is only decent
So we getting drunk, we don't give a fuck
Told the topless sluts, keep filling up my cups
The cups was red, posted up on the bed
You might get fucked, or you might just get some head
Its what ever with me, get some head like the weed
That's just the motherfucking kind of night I need




[Verse 2:]
I can't tell you about going to class
But I can tell you about rolling this hash
So cheifed that you can't even see straight
Blowing out birthday candles on the weed cake
Something to smoke in, something to sell
Be getting fucked up before I was even twelve
Ten blunts
With the keg pump
Filling up a red cup
Till im so drunk, I can't stand up
We party hard until the cops get us surrounded
The dude throwing the party he probably got grounded
See in high school everybody wanna grow up
You know what being old seem so but that
I don't think I need that I'mma be a kid like
Will Ferrell in step brothers, but with a crib
My brother getting older out of college is the
But for right now I'mma just visit

(Thats how the fuck it go down man. If you in high school
Or you remember when you was in high school man. You got to
Fuck with this one)



This has been your host of the party
Mac miller
Description by kDOLLAS. more

In this song, Mac Miller reminisces on all the great times and memories he had during the 4 years he attended Taylor Allderice, a highschool in Pittsburg. Specifically in this song, he talks about all of the parties and what goes down in those parties that he went to.
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