Mac Miller

Letra de Swing Set

Letras de Mac Miller

"Swing Set"

Crusing through the city with the windows down blowing
Through a pound ready for another round
Some hoes in the back of the whip and they rollin servin
Pussy like the U.S Open blowin on this
Potent different flavors I done saw em all I be stayin
Higher than the Taj Mahal straight epic
So now you can't forget it kickin girls out the crib
Like they got some bad credit when you blowed
And you drunk and you dont give a fuck take this soul
And this funk tell the Dj turn it up purple
Stuff got it stirrin in my cup while ho*es I get around
Like the wheels on the bus im'a true player
Original mac and I keep the pussy poppin here listen
To that hoes showin me some love so im givin
It back she wanna be mrs.mac how you figure that?

Go on and ride me like a swing set, Go on and ride me like a swing set, Up and down, up and down, Ride me like a swing set

Ride, swerve, thats how you do it in the burbs
When you high off the herb and you fly as a bird
With some horny hoes waitin in the burbs
You gotta go, lookin fresh with the cap on
And your girlie still wet from the last song
Ladies like mac miller ooh I wanna merry him
If it's sex and drugs then I'm heroin
I Pick her up just to ride around
Twistin' somethin' purple have us flyin' to a higher ground
She love ridin' with the kid right here
Shes still gon' be in love this time next year
Cuz im a, Heartbreaker, mover and shaker
She love watchin' what I do with my paper
Love it how I player
Loud like a banger
Lil Mama lip gloss
Mouthful of flavor

Description by NiceMac. more

This song is off of his official freshman tape The Jukebox : Prelude to Class Clown (which there never was.. maybe one day???)

In the beginning the guy talking is will ferrell from Anchorman he say : “I wanna be on you… wait wait wait wait”

Props to Macapone for lyrics — (The full song lyrics are no where on the internet.. only the first half)
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