Mac Miller

Letra de On Some Real Shit (100,000 Bars)

Letras de Mac Miller

"On Some Real Shit (100,000 Bars)"

[Hook x2: Mac Miller]
I know you gotta feel this
I'm on some real shit,
I'm on some real shit, I'm on some real shit
I know you gotta feel this
I'm on some real shit, I'm on some real shit,
I'm on some real shit

[Verse: Mac Miller]
Pull the hoodie down
And take a look around
Sounds that shook a town
Man it feel good to smile
So I shouldn't frown
When the night is looking down
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the smoothest crook around?
Takin' some dollas
And makin' away from Impalas
Shakin' and jade cause they chasin' the face of a robber
Actin' goofy, absolutely
Cause my passion suits me
So blast the tunes please
I see the world with four eyes
Hip-hop tour guide
Hear the war cries: rap or die
I just wanna get signed
Drive a four door ride
Be more fly, 'till then I'll just soar by
With a wave
I'm a bad indicate
Sit back in the shade
While I'm passin' the haze
Misbehave and I'm a trouble-making teenager
Be prayful he doesn't favor to please haters
Seat taken, three turn Mayor
Gettin' re-elected just three terms later
Uh, I've seen greater days
So let the haters play their game
Dreams fade away when you make the predator the prey
The ace of spade can make it's way to save the day
But from the start a club of heart was diamond
Now I'm in Zion flying through the skyline
The game on my back I got 5 spines
Black cat with 9 lives, time flies
By so I got one life to loose it
But how will I use it?
Uhhh, I put it all in the music
Cause y'all pussies
Fold away before they hand the cards
Broke-ass rappin' now you Dancin' With The Stars
I'm handling these bars like a simple situation
Based on the cats who don't fit in the equation
Patience is a virtue but fuck it I want it now
Get my record deal ready put Diddy up on the dial like
"Hello, wassup Puffy
I'm on my grind and hungry
Throw me on the table they gonna love me, trust me"
Cause these older cats are gettin' a little rusty
It's time for a change like Barack said
And I don't care
Hip-hop is not dead
Spit hot lead but none of these haters get shot dead
They don't bother me
I'll leave them playing for my wife
Kick back have a laugh while you complainin' 'bout your life
"Grrr" you hate Mac and you say you gonna fight?
It's all good bro, you entertainment for tonight
Like I'm a be mad?
You hatin' cause I'm white
Do a lot a cryin' and leave pain out on the mic
Because overall I'm iller than you all
Y'all pussy
Never ever gone for it all
You scared of a little risky coaching call
What happened?
I thought you were the know-it-all?
I stay smokin' while haze got a potent smell
It take me back to kickin' raps back in Show-And-Tell
I wanted to show people, all of my bro's people
How to come up like: "Yo, I know people"
Dead Presidents, this doe evil
So lethal the police will want to beat you
Sit you down then have you run your mouth
Bring your mother out: Look what your son is now
See my mom she know her son is well
The youngest child, she been through it for a while
Now I put 1 on the dial with a smile
Cause I'm wild, foul child style
Too focused on my grind don't ever catch an "f"
My hearts in it now even with five seconds left
I want the best won't settle for nothing less
And I always stay dressed in something fresh
So keep your head on strapped and show respect to the game
And that's what this beat messages my brain