Mac Miller

Letra de Intro

Letras de Mac Miller


[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
Check, check 1, 2, 1, 2
I'm comin through okay bruh
Alright im bout to do this lil intro thing
Alright ayo, what's up yall?
Its the kid Mac Miller
That high school rapper yall love
For a lot of yall its your first time meeting me
And for a lot of yall, yall been listenin for a little bit
I just want to tell everybody this
This hip hop shit right here, I live it
100% point blank motherfuckin' period
I ain't got no other options
I ain't got no backup plan
This is it for me
Everything I spit on a track that's my life
And how I see shit
So welcome to the motherfuckin jukebox
Lay back in ya seat, spark a L, call your favorite shorty over
We gone have a good time
It's only getting better from here Q