Mac Miller

Letra de Live Free

Letras de Mac Miller

"Live Free"

This is a message to, uh, all of you who, uh, don't believe, alright?
They gunna try to bring me down
Hatin's what they do
Well you gotta keep a smile
Stay up on your move

Live free, live free, live free
Homie live free, live free
They gunna try to tell you no
Shatter all your dreams
But you gotta get up and go
And think of better things
Live free, live free, live free
Homie live free, live free
Hey yo microphone check, one, two, one, two
Good? Just had to make sure I'm coming through
With the driver Ricky Bobby
More class than the college
And the shine of Liberachi
About time that you acknowledge
That the boy's here to stay
fired up begin to blaze,
buzzin' out my name, gettin' out like a triple play,
hate to tell you what you can't do, fuck that, nah
say there's everything you can do but rap, shit...
I paint pictures with a hot flow, young Picasso,
ya feel me? I thought so,
there's people in the world that are jealous of success,
don't even 2nd guess yourself, step or get left, get left
we on the march we ain't waitin' for no man,
you can't get distracted by haters & romance,
so if you sittin' trapped in defeat,
get that monkey off your back, live free....

Now everybody know I got haters like Maino,
actors all phony, give 'em Tonys like Yayo,
flush the bullshit out of music, Drano,
this a true story type of movie, Fandango
flamethrower, strange flow,
they got me on the top like a halo, a Christmas tree Angel, yeah
my team attack the game from all angles,
passin' all these rappers, just pussycats,