Mac Miller

Letra de Sunlight (feat. Iman Omari) (prod. Teddy Roxpin)

Letras de Mac Miller

"Sunlight (feat. Iman Omari) (prod. Teddy Roxpin)"

Top of the morning to you
You know, its been so dark outside
That I figured I’d turn a couple motherf-ckin lights on real quick

Ugh, I ain’t talkin ’bout nothin’ with a flow so disgutin’
Ashtray by me that I gotta dump my guts in
Need substance, feed it to the public
No one gon’ touch it like my poppy’s old musket
Roll up to the function, eatin’ all the Funyuns
Sentence keep runnin’, word the double E Cummings
People say to me that it doesn’t mean nothin’
Bumble bees buzzin’ cause the trouble needs lovin’
Wonder who really give a fuck what I have to say?
Those are people that which I dedicate this rap today
If I have to, I’mma crack your face
Monday to Saturday, I’m actin’ like a basket case
While Sunday I’m goin’ golfin’ with my Callaway’s
Or watchin’ football, word to Joey Galloway
Take a shower start singin’ like Al Green
From outside, it probably soundin’ like some loud screams
Always had child dreams and nightmares
My music like the airport I hop on a flight there
Wana go to Monaco to see what its like there
Roll up in a pair of Nike Airs, just like ‘Yeah’
Wassup, here I am, lookin’ in the mirror and
All I see is me, I’m in peace
Go rent out a penthouse, forget all my problems
The things I regret now, be gone by the mornin’
My life is startin’, I’m ready as I ever been
Pencilin’ my schedule that I gotta move on from mistakes
Number 1 albums, always givin’ you mixtapes
And that’s what Ima do until I’m richer than Bill Gates
It ain’t all about money for me though
I do this for the people who need a boost in their ego
Work a lot, I’m an addict not a fiend though
Get up, get out, and get somethin’, word to Cee Lo
Bottles of Cleco, a couple of Cristal
May head to L.A like I’m Chris Paul
Bout to go platinum off of missed calls
So all of y’all can lick balls

Just you know

Run from the dark
Into the light
You know, you know you’re gona find your way out
Run from the dark
Into the light
Oh-woah, you know you’re gona find your way
That’s right, into the sunlight