Mac Miller

Letra de Fuck 'Em All (prod. ID Labs)

Letras de Mac Miller

"Fuck 'Em All (prod. ID Labs)"

I have a vision to add to give to subtractin' limits
If everything was gone tomorrow, who would miss it?
And if i pack my bags and moved away, who would visit?
If you knew what you should say who would listen
Yeah i'm talkin' bout a new religion
Somethin' to feed off, we searchin' for it like groups of pigeons
Kinda futuristic, yeah it's cool, we different
Cause what i do's terrific, i'm just hopin' you could feel it
Yeah, so tell me if you can, are you numb enough? can you listen in?
I will lose it to show 'em i'll get rich again
But matter fact, fuck that, cause i don't give a damn
You see it's simple when it's only cigarillos
In the world, no one should ? you, don't expect it from a little man
Fuck empty, my glass if filled, countin' roses, daises and daffodils

Get ya money, fuck 'em all
Everyday, we'll be gone tomorrow
What's if it's gone tomorrow?
Get ya money, fuck 'em all
Get ya money, fuck 'em all
Everyday, we'll be gone tomorrow
Everyday, we'll be gone tomorrow
So get ya money, fuck 'em all

I say my prayers, but i don't know who they too
Layin' on my back, lookin' through the roof
Just tell me, am i gettin' through to you?
Super glue it, make it beautiful
Fuck, what am i missin'? speak to your soul so,
Shut up and listen
Gimme a reason to pop, gettin' me goin', ain't lettin' me stop
Head to the top, it's better they not,
Call me a phony,
So they sendin' me shots
I, gotta girl, we in love, she my money,
She my drugs
This my pain, this my pleasure, last forever, keep me up
Late at night, tell me it's alright, i believe her
I don't question she who knows me best,
I know you wouldn't either
Somethin' happen when i see her, it's right out of a fairy tale
Got some shit you going through it's something that she handle well
Life a bitch but she my bitch,
Gold rollie and it's timeless