Mac Miller

Letra de Smoke Signals (feat. John Records)

Letras de Mac Miller

"Smoke Signals (feat. John Records)"

When we reminisce, when we reminisce, when we reminisce
Let the smoke signals guide you back home like Indians
And lend the spliff and bullshit with my kinsmen
The Yuengling coolin me down from the heat on the streets
Take me back to those times of peace
Let me see those leaves turn a free and kick flows I see
And think back to chicks who love my magic stick

When you look back malcolm, never forget
Never regret the outcome
Never tear or spend a year asking how come
Lookin for love
Cause you found some
Never let a dime infiltrate your mind
She has no right questioning McCormick design
??Never quef but beef always b calls you and rhymes??
Never bothered the time on this planet earth
Take a nap take a snap but when you take it for granted it hurts
Try to be thrifty so you man it your worth it
Expect the best but plan for the worst
Never take advice from those who never question themselves
But your men on hell shall never be menaced by doubt
MM I'm your mc mentor
There for sure when things go south
I'm out and route back the beat back to nookie
She says she loves me what she want half a cookie
Never contemplate life when you high after the wrath pussy

Matt wreck the rest is history
Cause him and me
What we hit the weed in between the misery
We spit for free
We had dreams of getting cream
But things don't always hold exactly how they seem
The big kids they talking bout they big guns
But I just chill lay back here to kick drums
Boom kak boom baboom kak
Around and back now I'm getting of track
And I saw rap
As a way to get away
From everybody telling me the day is not my day
My day my week my month my year
My tears held back confronted by my fears
This endless intelligence my mind can expand
As high as I am
Chill I'll be fine with a gram
Cause ill be bumpin through the speaker box
Tryna bust a flow
At first an outcast looking for the love
oh woah don't mistake my terminology for philosophy
Screaming till I get what I want like a toddler be
Urban mythology
The words of the prophecy
The prodigy see deep inside your mind like psycology
Taught to be verbal passing purple in the circle like we pass a word
Save it of mind but you ask so serve
Attack then words right happens fast send your ass on swerve
Got a question ask it first
Pass the kurp but mass the verse??