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Letra de I'm In Love With This Bud (feat. Young Brody)

Letras de Mac Miller

"I'm In Love With This Bud (feat. Young Brody)"

Verse 1: Yung Brody]

Yo, yo, that Cali dro'
Whoa, and I’m good to go
Single pack of duchy-palmer’s and them niggas getting blow
Yo, shorty drop it low, and she started getting dough
She saying that she sell a bit, but God know she’s still a ho
Yo, is you feeling me?
Yeah, yeah I’m chilling B
Puffing on that perk, nigga I can feel it killing me
We opened up the bag of white and then it started spilling keys
And I stay high like a credit card billing fee
I’m killing these faggots that be grilling me
Blunt full of realest trees, and nobody as real as me
Supply the man, how I’m flipping, moving all the scrill on trees
Niggas talk, blowing out their necks like a guillotine

[Hook: Mac Miller]

I’m in love with this bud
With this bud
With this bud
I think I’m in love with this bud
With this bud
With this butt
With this bud

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]

It’s what you want, It’s what you need
You got the blunt, I got the weed
You got the soil, I got the seed
Yo, you want to smoke? Yes, indeed
High as hell, fly as well, come on homie try to sell
Got that stinky kush that make you cry when you try and smell
Like an onion, youngin'
Marijuana loving, Luke Louden is amazing share and always care, so we pass it while we puffing
This bud make me hover like a mother board space ship
Roll a swish, filled with fresh piff, then I face it
I can’t feel my face like I’m face-less
All dressed up, getting mary jane wasted
Have you ever smoked bud in the club, when you puff till the nights gone
Eyes so red, that I had to put my sights on
In an L, out the bong, in a spliff, out the bowl
Yeah that stinky kush, so you know you got to have some more