Mac Miller

Letra de One Last Thing

Letras de Mac Miller

"One Last Thing"

Everybody wanna ask, where I came from?
Young kid who bang drums, money don't you worry I'mma make some
Somebody changin' the world, it only takes one
Never scared of death, but I ain't ready for that day to come
A million people in the world, I don't hate one
Even them dummies Robbin people with some fake guns
Make mistakes young boy, that's just what I heard
And you don't ever figure out what you don't want at first
I got another verse, invincible and nothing hurts
100 words coming up with what 'll have your bubble burst
We can just fuck, you don't need to take my number first
Gettin' right to it, I ain't really tryna cuddle first
I used to try everything with her, and nothing worked
Got her backwards like she heard the thunder first
These are the days of our lives, and I ain't lyin' kid
Being free, tell me what kind of crime that is
It said it can't let me spit a couple sentences
Always good penmanship, make sure you all remember this
You just entered into Blue Slide Park
The place where dreams comin' true, that's where you find heart
Up until the sun come up, yeah my crew grind hard
See me out throughout the day, but you won't find me in the dark
Say I'm smart with remarks, such remarkable bars
Who knew this music would get me a couple cars
That just sit in park cause I'm out somewhere travelin'
Mackin' on the preschool honeys, you were somewhere tattlin'
Mad cause been known to always spaz again
Every single track with him
Oh, he's just so talented
Dream of countin' money 'til my fingers get some calluses
King with many palaces, a fucking golden fork to eat my salad with
I observe, asking what did he design
I see an artificial future for a digital mind
Muhammad Ali, yeah I'm him in his prime
Just that normal kid in class who was sittin' behind
Didn't really pay attention though I'm spittin' his rhymes
But now you see his car, tryin' gettin' inside
Hell no, haha
I wanna go back home

Late night can't remember what the day's like
Reminiscin' on stop signs and brake lights
Cause it seems that I'm always on the move
When they gonna let me back home
I wanna go back home
I wanna go back home