Mac Miller

Letra de Down The Rabbit Hole

Letras de Mac Miller

"Down The Rabbit Hole"

Hey, and it's the best day ever
So pack your motherfucking bags cause we gon' go
Pack your motherfucking bags, we gon' go

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
Hey I got a cup of henny
Joint of good
Not getting any sleep even though I should
Catch an early flight, hit another city
For a concert full of fans who be fucking with me
Counting hundreds fifties, groupie hoes
That all love to show me how they drop they booties low
Two in ones, that's a manaja twa
Watch they're bras come off
Have me saying La Di Da
Rock n' roll, living life
Getting head, get it twice
It feels like I've been drunk for the eleventh night
Don't know how I'm gonna wake up in time to catch this flight
All these bitches in the front row tryna dress alike
They do a lot of barking but they never bite
They lookin' at me like I'm gonna have some sex tonight
And yes I might if it's alright cause

[Hook: x2]
I got what you need
If you lookin' for a trip escape the world a little bit
Maybe go and get a grip
It's all gon' be a drugs
Just please don't take too much
You can have it free of charge
Though I do it for the love cause

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
First I take a breath
Then let it out
Hear em clap a little while then I take my bow
I'm on my job but maybe out my mind
Got some liquor and some weed, it's about that time
Anyway you name it, I'm entertainment
I make it, I'll admit it
I'm kinda famous, my life is like a vacation
Cause day out and day in
These hotels days inns
Travel navigation, I switch up my location
Day going without shavin'
The road life's a bitch
But fuck it, this the good life
So for no life, I'll switch
Got my money coming faster than these women I get into
Can't tell me how to live my life
Chill fool, I been cool
I'm the type of dude
Pretty cool, kinda nice, not rude
Cause some hoes who like my tunes
Get fumble and show they're boobs
Party every night, they worry that I blow the fuse
But I'm way too young and don't know rules