Letra de Band New Show

Letras de T-Pain

"Band New Show"

Hit this shit man
I gotta do this shit every night man
I'm so sick of this circus shit
So sick, listen to this, everybody clappin an' shit
This nigga sangin and shit, cause he the ringleader
(Why you say all that shit nigga?)
I'm just sayin, this nigga think he the ringleader an' shit
Fuck that motherfucker!
(I know one thing, if muh'fuckin Pain knew we was out here)
(smokin in his Cadillac right outside the tent, this nigga'd be mad as fuck)
Maaaaaan, man fuck Pain, fuck this clown shit
I can't be a clown (God damn nigga!)
(I'm sayin I gotta do what I gotta do) Fuck that nigga I can't be a clown
(I got kids nigga) Nigga all we perform for is kids, fuck this shit~!
(This what we do nigga)
{HEY! HEY! Nigga get your shit together we doin a brand new show tonight}
{You niggaz stop smokin in my fuckin Cadillac... }