Letra de I Done Showed You

Letras de T-Pain

"I Done Showed You"

You Can't See Me (I Done Showed You)

    [feat. Field Mob]

    [Verse 1:T-Pain]
    Teddy Pain is the name bitch don't get it confused
    All you lames in the game have never spit on a dude
    Tell ya dame to get a swimsuit and come get in my pool
    See nodding once and now we working on (hmm, hmm)
    I pull up on you with the quick fast, style on your bitch ass
    You niggas ain't hold the weight the rap game been drankin Slimfast (oh no)
    See I go ham sandwich on everythang I do
    So when I put it down all you pussy niggas can say is 'WOO! '
    Da bod mon flow, niggas like whatta gawn
    Fiya droppin' fiya ain't no need to turn da watta on
    So gimme your bitch with the big enough ass to put some butta's on
    And I'm a drop that shit that it'll make a nigga feel guts all when it cuts it off

    If I'm lyin I'm dyin I'm the bidness
    Lonely in the jungle where the lion I'm a kill it
    Die Hard nigga call me Bruce Willis
    No time for fake shit homeboy I'm the realest, nigga

    Girl, you can't see me no I'm too dangerous
    You can't see me no I'm too dangerous
    Ooh-ooh ooh-ooh ooh-ooh ohh
    No-ooh ooh-ooh ooh-ooh ohh

    [Verse 2: Smoke]
    K is nothing new to me so hate on hate on
    My eighty-year old twin sisters same ole same ole
    It's Claritin than unicorn having glitter but six
    With a fairy skiing down that double rainbow
    Range Rove no shoes the truck got the bare feet out
    No more roaming noodles like a dike I go and eat out
    I'm bald headed but still Nappy Boy it's the click
    Like game in 6 we the shit on a stick, pause
    My Chevrolet Camaro's high yellower than that nigga Drake
    Rims blacker than Wesley Snipes I'm sitting on Blades
    Like a borne on fire I'm burning heavy hay
    And Smoke stands for smoke oze of kush everyday