Letra de What U Need

Letras de T-Pain

"What U Need"

here we go! cmon!
uh,uh,uh,uh, cmon x2

Somebody better slow me down
nappyboy digital hold me down
show i live for, i pop and now
she has no choice but to blow me down

im hot at work, you putting on your dreams
but they hardly , im too big on the streets
to be fucking with a nigga smaller than a air hotter jerk
yeah, im on deck so i got the nigga diss on by the cmon next
everybody put ya hands up cmon lets
celebrate that the young nigga own that jet
and he own new whips, got ya lady on the front, was on im on new lips
come fuck me pain is what a big black says
i get with the black tit like a ashtray

ooo, what u need, see me right here on the city streets
aint nobody keep tellin me that i aint lie
but i keep represent for the a5
ooo, what u want, do you really want me to up that door
eat 1 twist make a 26 yo
everybody put ya hands up and say hell yeah
yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah
nigga what u need
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Somebody better slow me down
hoppin on the chevy on that bullshit now
wood green table, drinking black label
nigga put the muthafuckin coaster down
i got overbuff when i comes to the game im the overlord
all black ladies like oh my lord
bitches wanna lick me like a cool lip sour
so i gave her the chapstick, she just wanna suck on a rap dick
i call her down, and when she go down,
she sucked everything up like a napkin
so i put her on that ben, and she gave a nigga that head
i gave a c2d, she sucking on a glass, that glass she was a crackhead