Letra de Come And Get Some

Letras de SWV

"Come And Get Some"

Check it out
Let's crack the lightnin'
It's feena get voictress
Sisters with voices
And you heard of me
Straight from the V, E-40 Fasorally[?]

Turn the lights down low
and come lay next to me
I wanna fill your night up baby
With passion and exctasy, yeah

Come and get some of my lovin'
What I got is outa sight
Come and get some of my lovin
I wanna ride ya all night
Come and get some of my lovin'
What I gotta is outa sight
Come and get some of my lovin'
I wanna do you all night

Ooh baby, baby, baby
You got me soaked and wet
Lay on your back now baby
So I can (ride you until the sunset)
I just wanna hear ya moan
(Up and down, round and round)
It's alright
Close your eyes, don't be shy
Just lay back and enjoy this ride


Might not be fax machine
But I got a little bit of paper
Misieur Coko with my 40 ounce
Let's make a boilin' makah
My thing a majid be straight up on swoll
Like I'm fresh outa the pin
Wearin a uniform, standin at attention
Perkin on some of that ruby red grapefruit juice, gin and must I mention
It leans to the side like the Ifle tower nice and naughty
Nigga talkin' about; who the hell he think he is Ron high tower or some damn body
I ain't no slippin' in your talkin playboys partner's limpin'
After the club you can me and my doods in the parking lot sasquash pimpin'
Ballin' tactics, up outa the yeh all damn day
What's up with matrees, let display my survey
We can kinda like take our time and do some ole' nice and slow
About two and half hours of romantic business or we can hurry up and do some speedy Gonzalas
Betta get your rock off before your daddy get home in 20 minutes
Smell me on this one, sneakin' out of windows
Hopin' over backyard fences of the hendges is he feezy fozzy reezy
Tryin' to spit came at Taj and Lelee, SWV


(I wanna keep it long and love you slow)
(My baby boy you bring me so much joy)
So much joy yeah, ooh
(I'm gonna make it right)
(Make your night, my baby boy, I know you will enjoy)
I know you will enjoy, come on, come on

[Chorus: Until Fade]