Letra de It's All About U

Letras de SWV

"It's All About U"

Hey, yeah, yeah, oo, yeah, it's all about you
Oh yeah, aw yeah, yeah

Yesterday changed my mind
Now I see you as one of a kind
How I really need you
Hope you feel the same way too
'Cuz if you look, you'll find
It's me ya need in your life

It's really not about me
It's really all about you

It's driving me crazy, can't figure you out
How to keep you steady going this route
Tell me that you feel the same
The thought has crossed, you won't remain
Just to think that I, could bring joy in your life
[rpt 1]

I know what you're going through
Every girl expects from you
They just want to take control
You never have to figure out
I'm one woman who's not with that crowd
You gotta believe me
[rpt 1]

So I'll give you time
To let go of what's hurting inside
[rpt 1...]