Letra de I'm So into You

Letras de SWV

"I'm So into You"

Boy there you go
you're tell me that you love me
but boy you know
that you belong to another girl who love you
you are so fine
(so fine)
you blow my mind
with the things you do to me (she sees)
she's not blind
she's not blind
things you do for me
but i know

i'm so into you
i don't know what i'm gonna do
boy you got me so confused
i don't know what i'm gonna do
Friends ask how could
i give myself to one who belongs to someone else
they just don't know
your loves so good
that they would want for themselves
*chorus2 2x*
Repeat 3x
you're not, you're not mine
You're not
ooh, what am i supposed to do