Letra de Letter To Fans Ft Willie Taylor (Prod Jeremih)

Letras de Jeremih

"Letter To Fans Ft Willie Taylor (Prod Jeremih)"

[Verse 1: Jeremih]
Late night emotions
Right now I'm tired of those
The only thing that get get me by
I stay by myself in this condo
But I'm good dog, got some good tree
2k and ol' papa dogs
Find the time to look at the walls at these plaques
Dog ya im proud of those
Sippin' on this corona, maybe this is the moment
You smell the aroma, that's fresh from Daytona
People tell me that I'm needed dog
Its just everything ain't how I want it
Niggas say you never be about it
Only be talkin' bout' how ya gonna'
Man just grind harder, grind harder
Tell my bank account, oh my god
I no longer do it for myself
I do it now for my son
Some are here for the wrong reasons
Anything now for the gold
But I ain't forget you grand diablo
So this some heat right for the soul
This right here for the gold
Had to do it, rep her whole
Just got some plans with some amazing fans
I'll see you soon at the arena shows
Go an light up the optimos
Who's your favorite, I suppose
As I cross, come sailing seas
I hope you all don't ever think...

[Hook: Willie Taylor (x2)]
Baby you not gonna'
Be like I told ya
Never going nowhere
Baby I'll be
Here for ya, for ya

[Verse 2: Jeremih]
I swear I let them haters hate
I know they mad they'll never get to me
You were the ones that were there from the start
That's why you'll always get the best of me
Lets forget all those award shows
And why they ain't never mention me
Look at it like this
I looked at my wrist like man it's time to make history
Now sippin' on this corona
Maybe this is the moment
I feel like I'm Florida
When she met Willona
We just here to have a good time
Sent labels on the corner
Said he robbin' out havin' hood times
That fairy tale ain't over
So I won, know I had to hit em' with the heat
You ever wanna kill em' with the flow
If, we stay together lmnop a
No tellin' where we prolly' go
Just green lights, green lights
I'm tryna' see what it be like
Oh down south though the heat lies
So grind harder, grind harder, tell my bank account
Oh my god, ever mess with my fam'
Or my fetti dog that's called karma
I pro (Sigh) I promised me and ya
My mamma that I auta'
Feel up all ya'll [?] before I'm not a

[Hook x2: Willie Taylor]

[Outro] I'll be here [repeatedly]
Well, this just goes to show
That nobody really know
That I'll be even be able to say, welcome world, to Canyon Gray
Man means mind, and mind means lead over self
One man, one chance, one chance one life
That's why I'm still here
To all the years, the tears, and the fears
Came the breath of life
Just as a mother to her daughter, and a father keep after his son
I'll be here till all the [?] gon'
Like steel water run deep
I'll tell you I never fall asleep
On the gift that I've been giving, I must give back to the streets
That's why I'm still here, I'm still here, I'm still here