Cee Lo Green

Letra de Suga Baby (Feat. Big Gipp & Backbone)

Letras de Cee Lo Green

"Suga Baby (Feat. Big Gipp & Backbone)"

Hey say lil' buddy
Come love... good god
With your sugar brown hairs
Girl my [?] m'm'm'...
Where you at ya'll
With my coolness I roll with my m' you look so good girl
I had to go and ask something to you
You so damn fine
Shawty where you from? (Get it on now)
Oh who me?
Shawty I'm from the south side of town (Im from the south)
Where you said you from? (Get it on ya'll)
Whats up now let me holla at you for a minute

I said uh, uh sugar pie
What your name is?
I been staring at you shawty all God damn night!
Can we uh conversate for some hennesey straight
Or we can boogy-oogy down
Til' the morning light (Show your ride)
Say lil' momma I usually don't clown
Usually sit smoke a lil' bit or drink some brown liqour down
But see it's something bout the way you make a playa wanna play
So grab your glass of chardonnay and now lets go dance the night away

Shawty shake it (shake it shake it)
Shake your sugar for me (shake it shake it)
(repeat 7X)

Now let me introduce myself
Call me Jimmy Supa-fly
I say working them to death (Punches thrown)
You hear the linen in the falling in place
Tip-toe through the door then vacant the premesis without a trace (Oh lord)
Pardon me please, excuse my negligence
But to what do I owe the honor standing
In the presence of elignece in its essence
Simply beautiful are the words you deserve
My lil' peanut butter jelly jam preserve


I like the way you wear you hair (Your hair)
And girl you know you look so good to me
Wait a minute girl stand right there (God damn)
You know you look so good to me
And you still gonna pay your fare
Because you know you look so good to me
Call me anytime I dont care
Because you look so good to me
Shawty let me see you shake it


[Big Gipp]
76 degrees night light Gippp
Mrs. Lady I get you out the cryer like a florist pick a tulip
She pursuaded my intervention
Kept my attention
Focusing in on every motion body
That is more blowing me kisses
Chocalate chip cookie lover
Who taught you how to shake that
Candy bows so loveley I could watch it for many moons in the same room
Cus' soon than it tied by your sexual foreplay
Girl.. shake it for me c'mon