Letra de Givin' a gift

Letras de Opus

"Givin' a gift"

You´re askin´ for time
But time has control over me
You´ve got to set me free

You search for a sign
I´ve been waiting such a long time
I will see it through
And all i do
- everything is for you
You can trust in me
Just wait and see
- you can´t imagine what´s true

All i can do
Is give myself as a gift to you
And all i can do
I´m givin´a gift
- givin´a gift
- givin´a gift to you
Givin a gift
- givin´a gift
- givin a gift to you

I´m callin´ your name
But you´re not able to stay
You´re always far away
To look for an aim
The reason is never th4e same

If it´s hard to do
That´s a reason too
- i´m not gonna find something new
An eagle flies alone
But you´ve always known
I´m comin´ back and iet´s true

All i can do...