Jennifer Lopez

Letra de Secretly

Letras de Jennifer Lopez


It's like I'm lost 
I don't know 
This feeling that I have about you 
Will you ever know? 

Secretly, I'm wanting you 
And I'm hoping you want me too 
I semll your scent across the room 
And I can't wait to get next to you 

Whatever I see 
(When I look at you across the room) 
Whatever I hear 
(I wonder if he loves me too) 
Whatever I do 
(I just think about you for hours) 
Oh baby and it's got me thinking of you 

Repeat Chorus

Whenever you speak 
Whenever you, ooh 
(You're all I think about) 
Whenever you breathe 
Baby, let me touch you please 

Repeat Chorus (2x) 

It smells so good 
I just wanna, kiss you 
I wanna, lay with you 
I don't know how to tell you 
But secretly, I want you 
I just wanna get next to you