Jennifer Lopez

Letra de Dance With Me

Letras de Jennifer Lopez

"Dance With Me"

Too much is on your mind 
Gotta let it go 
Can't worry all the time 
Just let it flow 
You say you need a break 
There's nothing I can do 
Sitting here listening to you 

1 - Baby what's this you tell me 
Things ain't been goin' your way 
Just take it from me 
It's gonna be alright 
So let's go out tonight 
And we can leave all our cares behind 

2 - Dance the night away 
Party till the sun comes up 
Go grab a friend, get on the floor 
Come on and dance, dance, dance with me 
DJ if you please 

Nobody's on the wall 
That's what I like 
Come closer to me now and hold me tight 
Tell me just how you're feeling right now 
Are you really havin' a good time? 

Repeat 1 

Repeat 2 

3 - Just let yourself go 
Dance on the floor 
Nobody's stopping you 
Do what you wanna do 
Let the music take control 
You can feel it in your soul 
Come on and move your body to the groove 

Up in the club, out on the floor 
Move to the beat 
Dancin' with me 
DJ, DJ, play my music, dance the night away 

Repeat 3 

Repeat 2 till end