Elton John

Letra de The Messenger

Letras de Elton John

"The Messenger"

Everything is settled, immovable and calm 
Nothing that has plagued our lives can ever do us harm 
Then the voices railed against us, then the path was steep 
Now the sounds are softer, now the road is ended 
In your arms, I'll sleep 

Turn away from madness, burn the inner light 
Pray for me as cheerfully as I slip into the night 
Death is just a visitor watching for a while 
Sullen and predictable, love is versatile 

Everything is peaceful, and falling into place 
I no longer feel the wounds suffered in the chase 
Then we were at turns divided, then by turns oppressed 
Now the pain is over, now we lie together 
Gratefully at rest 

Put aside the notion that the end is near 
Stay with me eternally, the terrors disappear 
Death is just a messenger in a poor disguise 
Fooling no one, lost for words, love is in your eyes 

Now we know as we are known, unimagined things 
Death is just the messenger, love the truth it brings