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Letra de The Gods Love Nubia Kelly Price

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"The Gods Love Nubia Kelly Price"

Take me in my dreams recurringCheerful as a childhood danceInto one more taste of freedomOne more longing backward glanceIn the sway of somber musicI shall never, never understandLet me slip into the sweeterChorus of that other landThe gods love Nubia, the beautiful, the goldenThe radiant, the fertile, the gentle and the blessedThe pain of Nubia is only of the momentThe desolate, the suffering, the plundered, the oppressedThe gods love Nubia, the glorious creationThe songs roll sweetly across the harvest plainThe tears of Nubia, a passing aberrationThey wash into the river and are never cried againThe gods love Nubia, we have to keep believingThe scattered and divided, we are still it's heartThe fall of Nubia, ephemeral and fleetingThe spirit always burning though the flesh is torn apart