Letra de Why Wait

Letras de Belinda

"Why Wait"

Yeah, Yeah (x2) 

Picture perfect (yeah) 
Don't hesitate to lead your dreams 
It's more than worth it. (oh) 
If you know what you wanna be 


Why wait? 
When nothing's the right time 
Today is for us to guide. 
Why Wait? 
It's your turn, it's your turn it's your life. 
The future is what we make. 
So why wait? 

You gotta reach out. (yeah) 
and see the world is in your hands 
I know you know how. 
Just gotta go for, and take a chance. 


(Singing Spanish) 

Why wait? 
We're ready to do this. 
No way you can ever restart 
Why Wait? 
Tomorrow can be so 
far away or already here 
Why wait? 
You just gotta let go 
You gotta believe in yourself all the way 
You know that you got what it takes 
So why wait?